Sigma Pad Printing Inks

Engineered to the Code of Pad Printing

Sigma Inks is designed from the ground up as a true pad printing ink. Sigma maintains a focus to the specific requirements of pad printing, the ink formulation is tuned to pad printing speed requirements and extends the performance of pad printing inks to a new level. Furthermore Sigma inks benefit from extreme batch to batch color control for repeatable color formulations.
Sigma inks are backed up with certifications including:

  • USP Class VI Medical Certification (Sigma MP Series)
  • MIL-SPEC A-A-208B Type I & II (Sigma MP Series)
  • CPSIA for the toy and promotional industries (All Sigma Ink Series)
  • REACH (EC 1907/2006) (All Sigma Ink Series)
  • RoHS (RoHS2 Directive 2011/65/EU) (All Sigma Ink Series)
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System

Sigma MP Inks
MP = Multi-Purpose

Sigma PP Inks
PP = Polypropylene

Sigma UV Inks
UV = UV Cure

SubstratesMP SeriesPP SeriesUV Series
Acrylic Glass (PMMA)checkcheck
Anodized Aluminumcheck, MP203, MP200
Glass, Ceramics, and Chromecheck, MP201
Metalscheck, MP200check, MP200
Polyacetal POM (Delrin)check, MP200
Polyamide (Nylon, Kevlar)check, MP200, MP206check, MP200
Polyestercheck, MP202
Polyethylene, Pre-treatedcheck, MP202, MP206check, MP200
Polypropylene, Pre-treatedcheck, MP206checkcheck, MP200
Polypropylene, Un-treatedcheck
Polyurethanecheck, MP200
Powder Coated Surfacescheck, MP200
PVC, Rigidcheckcheck
Thermoplastic, TPE
PVC, Flexablecheck
Phenoliccheck, MP203
Textiles, Cottoncheck
Textiles, Syntheticscheck
Varnished Surfacescheckcheck, MP200
Paper, Corrugated Boardcheck

Thinners & Additives

  • MP200
  • MP201
  • MP202
  • MP203
  • MP206
  • Post Treat
Part #Mix ratio (by weight)
MP 101 Retarder*3-15%
MP 102 Thinner**20-40%
MP 103 Fast Thinner**20-40%
MP 104 Rigid PVC Thinner**20-40%
MP 105 PET Thinner**20-40%
MP 200 Hardener10%
MP 201 Glass Hardener10%
MP 202 Adhesion Promoter10%
MP 203 Hardener5%

NOTE: All Sigma MP Series additives are fully compatible with Sigma UV Ink Series

*Retarder amount varies according to operating requirement

**Recommended Thinner ratio dependent on application

About Sigma Inks

Our Sigma Ink offering is compatible with most substrates and an array of additives are available to enhance the performance characteristics of the ink. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have for your particular substrate.

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Stock Ink Colors

  • | metallic Silver
  • | Bright Silver
  • | Rich metallic Gold
  • | Bright metallic Gold
  • | Pale metallic Gold
  • | Black Extra Opaque
  • | Light Grey Extra Opaque
  • | White Extra Opaque
  • | Primrose Yellow EO
  • | Rich Yellow Extra Opaque
  • | Orange Extra Opaque
  • | Fire Red Extra Opaque
  • | Red Extra Opaque
  • | Reflex Blue Extra Opaque
  • | Blue Extra Opaque
  • | Green Extra Opaque

Common Custom Blend Colors

  • | Medium Yellow
  • | Bright Orange
  • | Dark Green Extra Opaque
  • | Sky Blue
  • | Mono Blue
  • | Medium Blue EO
  • | Azure Blue
  • | Brilliant Green
  • | Spring Green EO
  • | Pale Red
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Sample Kit Order Form

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