Sigma Pad Printing Inks

Engineered to the Code of Pad Printing

Sigma Inks are designed from the ground up as a true pad printing ink. Sigma maintains a focus to the specific requirements of pad printing, the ink formulation is tuned to pad printing speed requirements and extends the performance of pad printing inks to a new level. Furthermore Sigma inks benefit from extreme batch to batch color control for repeatable color formulations.

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    Sigma Multi-Purpose Ink Series

    Sigma Multi-Purpose MP Series Pad Printing Ink offers versatility, compatibility with various substrates, color options, drying speed adjustability, and medical grade certification. Whether used as a one or two-component ink, the MP Series provides reliable adhesion and durability on materials such as ABS, polycarbonate, polystyrene, PET, nylon, pretreated Delrin, pretreated polyethylene, pretreated polypropylene, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, powder-coated surfaces, glass, and more. With its mixing and extra opaque colors, the MP Series allows for creative and customizable prints. Additionally, the ink’s medical grade certification ensures its suitability for healthcare applications.


    Sigma UV-Cure Ink Series

    Sigma UV-Cure Pad Printing Ink is specially formulated for the demands of the pad printing process with transferability, opacity, adhesion, flexibility and high wear resistance being the core attributes.

    Sigma Polyurethane Ink Series

    Sigma Polyurethane based Pad Printing Ink is specially formulated with transferability, opacity, adhesion, flexibility and high wear resistance being the core attributes.

    Sigma Polypropylene Ink Series

    Pad printing ink with excellent adhesion to treated and un-treated Polypropylene and Polyethylene.

    Custom Blends & Applications

    Custom Color Matching

    • Color matching to all leading industry standards
    • Standard Pantone Colors – to be printed over white
    • Custom color matching – directly on your substrate color
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    Printing Application Evaluation

    We offer free complementary ink adhesion testing for any application you may be facing.
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    Special Considerations

    • Pre-thinning ink for direct “out of the can” use
    • Special Packaging ranging from 100 mL tubes up to 5 Gallons
    • Reducing gloss for matte print requirements

    Sample Kit Order Form

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