Sigma Multi-Purpose Pad Printing Ink

MP Series

Introduction to Sigma Multi-Purpose MP Series Pad Printing Ink

Sigma Multi-Purpose MP Series Pad Printing Ink is a versatile ink designed to meet the diverse printing needs of various substrates. This introduction aims to highlight the key features and benefits of the MP Series, including its use as a one or two-component ink, compatibility with different materials, color options, drying speed adjustability, and medical grade certification.

  • One or Two-Component Ink: The MP Series ink can be used as a one-component ink or a two-component ink, depending on the printing requirements. As a one-component ink, it is suitable for printing on ABS, polycarbonate, polystyrene, and PET substrates. This simplifies the printing process and ensures excellent adhesion and durability on these materials.
  • Two-Component Ink for Various Materials: When used as a two-component ink, the MP Series offers compatibility with a wide range of materials. By combining the ink with different catalysts, it becomes suitable for printing on materials such as nylon, pretreated Delrin, pretreated polyethylene, pretreated polypropylene, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, powder-coated surfaces, glass, and more. This versatility allows for expanded printing possibilities on diverse substrates.
  • Mixing Colors and Extra Opaque Colors: The MP Series ink is available in mixing colors, allowing for custom color creation to meet specific design requirements. Additionally, extra opaque colors are offered, ensuring vibrant and highly visible prints. This color variety provides flexibility and creativity in achieving desired print results.
  • Drying Speed Adjustability: Sigma understands the importance of controlling drying speed in the printing process. The MP Series ink is supported by additives that allow for adjustment of the drying speed. This feature ensures optimal drying time, preventing issues such as smudging or smearing, and enhancing overall print quality.
  • Medical Grade Certified: The MP Series ink is medical grade certified, meeting stringent industry standards for biocompatibility and safety. This certification ensures that the ink is suitable for medical and healthcare applications, providing peace of mind when printing on medical devices, laboratory equipment, and other healthcare-related products.

As with all Sigma Ink Series the MP ink series has earned:

  • USP Class VI Medical Certification
  • REACH Compliance (EC 1907/2006)
  • RoHS Compliance (RoHS2 Directive 2011/65/EU)
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System

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Looking for a Custom Color Match?

Experience true batch-to-batch color consistency when using Sigma inks to perform custom color formulation, or when ordering pre-blended colors. Every lot of Sigma ink is carefully analyzed using a spectrophotometer to ensure color consistency without drift, allowing you to formulate a color recipe once and repeat with confidence.

Custom Color Matching can be performed according to:

  • Pantone Matching System
  • Sample color chip
  • RAL Color Standard
  • Federal Standard 595
  • L*a*b* color values

Color matches can be provided as a blend number to order pre-blended ink, or we can provide the blend recipe for you to mix the color match in-house on demand.

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Multi-Purpose Series Ink and Additive Usage Guide

Single ComponentMP200 Hardener (10% by wt.)MP201 Glass Hardener (10% by wt.)MP202 Adhesion Promoter (10% by wt.)MP203 (5% by wt.) *Shortens pot life of the ink and life of the padMP206 Adhesion Promoter (10% by wt.)*Pretreat (Corona of Flame)Low Temperature Bake (175° - 20 min.)High Temperature Bake (300° - 20 min.)
Acrylic Glass (PMMA)recommended
Anodized Aluminumrecommendedrecommendedrecommended
Glass, Ceramics and Chromerecommendedrecommendedrecommended
PETG, PETArecommended
POM (Delrin)recommendedrecommendedrecommended
Polyamide (Nylon, Kevlar)recommended
Polyethylene, Pre-treatedrecommendedrecommendedrecommendedrecommended
Polypropylene, Pre-treatedrecommendedrecommended
Powder Coated Surfacesrecommended
PVC, Rigidrecommended
PVC, Flexiblerecommended
Textiles, Cottonrecommended
Textiles, Syntheticsrecommended
Varnished Surfacesrecommended
Paper, Corrugated Boardrecommended