Sigma UV-Cure Pad Printing Ink

UV Series

About Sigma UV-Cure Inks

Sigma UV-Cure Ink is formulated to provide excellent durability as both the direct print and for top-coat applications. As with all Sigma Ink products the UV series inks were designed from the ground up to meet the demands of the pad printing process with transferability, opacity, adhesion, flexibility and high wear resistance being the core attributes.

The UV-Cure ink series adheres extremely well to ABS, Acrylics, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, SAN, PET, Rigid PVC, Polypropylene (pretreated), varnished surfaces, Nylon, and Powder Coated surfaces.

As with all Sigma Ink Series the UV-Cure ink series has earned:

  • USP Class VI Medical Certification
  • REACH Compliance (EC 1907/2006)
  • RoHS Compliance (RoHS2 Directive 2011/65/EU)
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System

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Looking for a Custom Color Match?

Experience true batch-to-batch color consistency when using Sigma inks to perform custom color formulation, or when ordering pre-blended colors. Every lot of Sigma ink is carefully analyzed using a spectrophotometer to ensure color consistency without drift, allowing you to formulate a color recipe once and repeat with confidence.

Custom Color Matching can be performed according to:

  • Pantone Matching System
  • Sample color chip
  • RAL Color Standard
  • Federal Standard 595
  • L*a*b* color values

Color matches can be provided as a blend number to order pre-blended ink, or we can provide the blend recipe for you to mix the color match in-house on demand.

Buy Standard Colors

Click on a color name below for ink details and how to place your order.

SubstratesMP SeriesUR SeriesPP SeriesUV Series
Acrylic Glass (PMMA)checkcheckcheck
Anodized Aluminumcheck, MP203, MP200check
Glass, Ceramics, and Chromecheck, MP201check
Metalscheck, MP200checkcheck, MP200
PETG, PETAcheckcheck
Polyacetal POM (Delrin)check, MP200check
Polyamide (Nylon, Kevlar)check, MP200, MP206checkcheck, MP200
Polyestercheck, MP202check
Polyethylene, Pre-treatedcheck, MP202, MP206checkcheck, MP200
Polypropylene, Pre-treatedcheck, MP206checkcheckcheck, MP200
Polypropylene, Un-treatedcheck
Polyurethanecheck, MP200check
Powder Coated Surfacescheck, MP200check
PVC, Rigidcheckcheckcheck
Thermoplastic, TPE
PVC, Flexablecheckcheck
Phenoliccheck, MP203check
Textiles, Cottoncheckcheck
Textiles, Syntheticscheckcheck
Varnished Surfacescheckcheckcheck, MP200
Paper, Corrugated Boardcheckcheck

Thinners & Additives

  • MP200
  • MP201
  • MP202
  • MP203
  • MP206
  • Post Treat

Part #Mix ratio (by weight)
MP 101 Retarder*3-15%
MP 102 Thinner**20-30%
MP 103 Fast Thinner**20-30%
MP 104 Rigid PVC Thinner**20-30%
MP 105 PET Thinner**20-30%
MP 200 Hardener10%
MP 201 Glass Hardener10%
MP 202 Adhesion Promoter10%
MP 203 Hardener5%

*Retarder amount varies according to operating requirement

**Recommended Thinner ratio dependent on application