medical printerThis rotary indexing system is dedicated to print and package in containers an inline IV filter.

The heart of this system is a 48” diameter, 8 position motor driven cam actuated turn table tooled to accept 2 different types of two-up; zero-adjustment; quick change fixtures.
Parts are auto loaded from a vibratory bowl feeder to the turn table and index to the Corona Discharge surface treating station, treated parts then index to the G2-100 print station for printing. Printed parts then proceed to a forced air drying station for tack drying before they are off loaded from the system.

This system features vision inspection of print quality and auto off-load stage which discriminates good and bad parts. This auto off-load station is user programmable to load quantities of parts into canisters which, when full advance from the loading station unto an accumulator stage. Empty canisters are held in a separate stage and are loaded automatically unto the filling station.  An Allen Bradley  programmable controller; touch screen control panel provide full control of all system functions and integrated components. Full perimeter guarding and interlocking access doors provide operator safety and allow visual monitoring.

This dedicated system is an example of Printex’s advanced design and execution capabilities.