Renowned for Same Day prescription eyewear service but limited in the ability to quickly brand their high-end prescription products, LensCrafters sought to perform on site imprinting of the Ray-Ban logo on all Ray-Ban prescription glasses sold at all their stores. LensCrafters Corporation came to Printex for a “point of sale” marking solution for their 900 outlets across the United States.

Printex responded with the design, manufacture and rollout of the G5 Optix “Point Of Sale” prescription lens marking machine. Developed exclusively for LensCrafters Corporation the Printex G5 Optix pad printer’s sole purpose is to print the Ray-Ban logo onto Ray-Ban prescription lenses manufactured at each of the 900 LensCrafters retail stores. This machine is compact, sophisticated and user friendly – critical for a national launch. Many of the components including the integrated machine covers are made from engineering plastics. This machine features programmable controller, on board UV spot curing station and quick change part location fixtures with vacuum assist. The machine complements each LensCrafters store which is staffed with a licensed optometrist and on site lens making facility to manufacture prescription lenses for a variety of name brand eye wear such as Ray-Ban. Lenscrafters is well known for their ability to offer same day service for name brand prescription eye wear.

Printex is a U.S manufacturer of pad printing equipment with a 30 year history. A leader in the pad printing industry Printex claims many “Firsts” in innovation:Standardize photopolymer image plates for the pad printing process; Quick Change Zero Adjust plate systems; Incorporation of programmable controllers and touch screen interface as standard equipment; Introduction of practical modularity to standard pad printing equipment; and most recently, providing a “Point of Sale” pad printing solution to the eye wear industry.

Printex wishes to thank the Luxottica, LensCrafters and Ray-Ban companies for this opportunity to continue our innovation in the pad printing industry.