The heart of this system is a 40” diameter, 12 position motor driven cam actuated turn table tooled to accept 4 different types of two up; zero-adjustment; quick change fixtures.
Parts are manually loaded to the turn table and index to the first of four G4-130 print stations to receive the first print. Printed parts then proceed to the second G4-130 print station which can be turned on or off depending on whether or not a second color application is required and so on. Printed parts then index to a forced air drying station for tack drying before they are off loaded from the system.

This system features two load-unload stages 180 degrees from each other so that two 1 or 2 color jobs can be run simultaneously. A Mitsubishi programmable controller; touch screen control panel integrated vacuum assist system and provisions for two auto off-load stations complete the system.

Although this is a dedicated system, it is also a good example of the G4-130 modular capabilities.