Designed for quick and easy processing of polymer plates on demand, the UVAC facilitates complete in-house control of pre-press operations. The UVAC exposure units feature superior engineering throughout. A reliable vacuum hold-down system is utilized for drawing the artwork film into direct contact with the plate, yielding excellent reproduction of even the finest details. An on-board vacuum gauge provides vacuum status information at a glance. The digital control panel produces consistent accurate exposure times and features separate settings for artwork, screen and post cure times.
UVAC units use inexpensive, UV fluorescent lamps which minimize maintenance costs and light quality changes. Arrays of multiple lamps provide optimum light intensity and distribution over the entire exposure surface. A safety interlock switch prevents accidental exposure to direct UV light if the hood is opened. The vinyl vacuum blanket is durable, but removes easily for replacement when necessary. Latching clamps are provided to secure the light hood for safe transportation of the unit. UVAC photopolymer plate exposure units come complete with developing brush and contact screens.