Stringy/Hairy Pad Printed Image

Printing Problem – Stringy/Hairy Pad Printed Image

Pad-related PossibilitiesCorrective Action
Pad too flat an angle.Replace with a new sharper angle silicone pad.
Ink-Related PossibilitiesCorrective Action
Ink viscosity is too thick, causing spider hairs to come out from the image edge.Add thinner. Adjust machine cycle.
Cliche-related PossibilitiesCorrective Action
Cliche is etched too deep.Remake cliche with longer screen exposure.

Troubleshooting Tip

Although not a common problem with Printex Visprox inks, this problem exists with other pad printing inks in the marketplace. If you are experiencing these problems, please feel free to call our technical support team at (800) 982-1928 for assistance.

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