Special Tooling

Printex offers the most innovative and cost effective solutions to your part processing and handling requirements. Take advantage of our expertise to maximize your printer’s potential and realize the highest efficiency on your application. Many complex applications can be tooled up and programmed into your existing Printex equipment. Our equipment built-in modularity, Zero-adjust registration system and quick-change core features make it possible to implement and/or reconfigure existing tooling to meet new applications. Whether your application requires pneumatics, servo, O/U, Walking Beam or other various part handling solutions, Printex can provide design, manufacture and program these solutions backed by our expertise and industry reputation.
Some applications require tooling designs, combining servo motors, rotary and linear pneumatic actuators with programming to control functionality. The following case studies illustrate these types of tooling.
Many applications combine plug-and-play optional accessories with part fixturing featuring vacuum assist or even articulation to handle parts. These cases illustrate some of these applications.
On Purpose Built Systems, the tooling can be just as complex. Many of these unique applications require part stacking/de-stacking, complete pick-and-place devices, robotics and user programmable features to meet the application requirements.

Case Studies

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