Highest quality at lowest prices: Now you can save big with Sigma Multi-Purpose pad printing inks…

  • $45 per quart for Black and White
  • $55 per quart for all standard Opaque and Mixing colors
  • $65 per quart for all custom blended colors

Sigma Multi-Purpose pad printing ink is specially formulated for the demands of the pad printing process with optimized and adjustable ink transfer speeds, opacity, adhesion, flexibility, and high-wear resistance.

Sigma MP Series ink is “spec’d in” by some of the world’s largest flat-screen TV, medical device, eye wear, home appliance, automotive, hand tools, defense, telecom, aerospace, electronic, and toy manufacturers.

Sigma Multi-Purpose ink is an acrylic-based single and dual component ink system:

When used as a single component system, this ink works well on: ABS/SAN, acrylic, PETG, PETA, polycarbonate, polystyrene, rigid and flexible PVC, textiles, varnished surfaces, and wood.

When used as a dual component system (by adding different Sigma catalysts and additives), this ink works well on anodized aluminum, glass, ceramic, chrome, metals, delrin, nylon, Kevlar, polyester, pre-treated PE and PP, polyurethane, powder-coated surfaces, and phenolic.