Photopolymer Process Table

These are suggested processing times using a Printex UVAC Series Exposure unit. . Exposure times will vary depending upon the image size even when using the same photopolymer material. Fully processed Photopolymer requires a reading of 13-15 on a 21 step Stouffer Scale. Read more

Developing SolutionDescriptionFilm Exposure Time in secondsLine Screen Exposure Times in secondsWash out in secondsBake Time 150° F in MinutesPost Cure in Minutes
WaterW/W Lt Green9090601010
WaterW/W ORANGE7070601010
WaterW/W GOLD7070601010
WaterW/W RED6060601010
AlcoholA/W OLIVE9090601010
AlcoholA/W GREEN6060601010
AlcoholA/W LT Red120120601010
AlcoholA/W RED7070601010