Sigma UV Pad Printing Ink

UV Series

About Sigma UV Cure Inks

Sigma UV-Cure Pad Printing Ink is formulated to provide excellent durability as both the direct print and top-coat applications.

SubstratesMP SeriesPP SeriesUV Series
Acrylic Glass (PMMA)checkcheck
Anodized Aluminumcheck, MP203, MP200
Glass, Ceramics, and Chromecheck, MP201
Metalscheck, MP200check, MP200
Polyacetal POM (Delrin)check, MP200
Polyamide (Nylon, Kevlar)check, MP200, MP206check, MP200
Polyestercheck, MP202
Polyethylene, Pre-treatedcheck, MP202, MP206check, MP200
Polypropylene, Pre-treatedcheck, MP206checkcheck, MP200
Polypropylene, Un-treatedcheck
Polyurethanecheck, MP200
Powder Coated Surfacescheck, MP200
PVC, Rigidcheckcheck
Thermoplastic, TPE
PVC, Flexablecheck
Phenoliccheck, MP203
Textiles, Cottoncheck
Textiles, Syntheticscheck
Varnished Surfacescheckcheck, MP200
Paper, Corrugated Boardcheck

Thinners & Additives

  • MP200
  • MP201
  • MP202
  • MP203
  • MP206
  • Post Treat
Part #Mix ratio (by weight)
MP 101 Retarder*3-15%
MP 102 Thinner**20-40%
MP 103 Fast Thinner**20-40%
MP 104 Rigid PVC Thinner**20-40%
MP 105 PET Thinner**20-40%
MP 200 Hardener10%
MP 201 Glass Hardener10%
MP 202 Adhesion Promoter10%
MP 203 Hardener5%

*Retarder amount varies according to operating requirement

**Recommended Thinner ratio dependent on application

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