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October 2017

Printex announces a new addition to the Sigma Multi-Purpose, Polypropylene, and UV-cure product lines: MP 206 Polyolifin Adhesion Promoter. This additive was developed for the Defense Industry to improve ink adhesion on untreated polypropylene and polyethylene substrates in addition, we have tested MP 206 across a wide range of substrates normally requiring the use of MP 202 Adhesion Promoter and have found better overall performance across a wide range of substrates. The results are in and it is a clear cut winner. If you have been using MP 202 Adhesion Promoter we recommend testing out and switching to the MP 206 Polyolifin Adhesion Promoter. You won’t regret it.


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Available as a bench top or standalone machine, the new G8 60/85 printer is redesigned from the ground up to be a stronger and more versatile printer than previous generations of G2 60 machines.