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Medical Device “Dosage Delivery” Printing system

  • Printex Integra-100 2 Color Pad Printer features a stationary pad drive with a reciprocating plate and ink system to enables high-speed printing.
  • Part Present Sensors detect parts correctly positioned and present.
  • Keyence CV-X Intuitive Vision System Captures images, analyzes them, and provides feedback for accurate printing.
  • Camco 8 Position Motor Driven Cam Actuated Rotary Indexer provides precise positioning.
  • Quick Change Zero Adjust Part Holding Fixtures “Quick change” and “zero adjust” features for easy replacement and accurate positioning.
  • Two Position Automatic Off-Load Station segregates vision systems accepted and rejected parts.
  • Safety Package includes Keyence Light Curtains at load station to detects operator presence, preventing unauthorized operation until loading is complete in addition to interlocking doors to ensure unauthorized use.