G3 Ring Removal Tool

Our G3 Ring Removal System consists of the Ring Removal Tool (C-clamp type) and a ring sleeve matching your cup size. The Ring Removal Tool is intended for ring removal only, as it will only take a small amount of downward pressure to reseat the ring into the cup when they are clean. It is best to use hand force to avoid excessive pressure and/or damage to the ring during ring installation.

Changing the G3 ring offers an excellent opportunity to thoroughly clean your cup, as all normally hidden areas will be exposed. This cleaning will also ensure proper fitting of the new o-ring seal.

Please follow the steps below to change your G3 ring. If you have any questions, our technical staff is here to assist you.

  1. Using the appropriate size sleeve, position the G3 cup into the sleeve, and place them together on the Ring Removal Tool as shown below.
  2. Once the cup/sleeve is positioned on the Ring Removal Tool, make sure the center bushing (post) on the cup is aligned with the plastic tip of the turning screw on the tool. Turn the top handle on the tool slowly until the ring is separated from the cup.
  3. Carefully remove all three components from the tool. Clean the ring, remove and discard the old o-ring seal, and clean the ring mounting area on the cup.

Now your G3 cup is ready to remount the ring. Please follow these steps:

  1. Install the new o-ring seal that came with your G3 cup on the groove machined into the cup.
  2. Position the ring on to the cup, and press lightly.
  3. Place the cup with the ring contacting a flat, non-magnetic smooth surface*. Using the palm of your hand, press down on the cup body to properly sit the ring on to the new o-ring seal in your G3 cup.
  4. Inspect carefully to ensure the ring has been properly seated on the cup and shows an even contact line all around the cup body. If the ring looks crooked on the cup, please remove the ring, and reinstall it making sure it is seated correctly on the cup.

Your G3 cup is now ready to use again!

*Never press the G3 ring onto the cup using a hard or rough surface such as metal or stone surface.