The G2-60/85 is our smallest standard model, single color pad printer. The G2-60/85 will accept (either/or) 60 mm and 85 mm zero-adjust pin registered plate system and corresponding G3 ink cups with magnetic coupling. As with all G2 modular series printers, the G2-60/85 can be used as a stand-alone machine (manual load/unload), or it can be integrated with other components on an automated or multicolor system.

A high quality pneumatic system powers pad and cup travel functions. An integrated vertically adjustable work table and inclusive XY-R stage, offer part holding fixture attachment options. Pad position adjustments are possible with the pad X-Y adapter featuring a quick lock dovetail design. The programmable PLC and user friendly touch screen interface panel provide easy access to all machine functions, set up parameters, production modes and stored job settings. Vertical and horizontal speed profiles, pad stroke and dwells are all individually adjustable to provide total and complete control of all print parameters.

The G2-60/85 comes ready to accept our optional auto tape-off pad cleaning unit or electric rotary table as “plug-and- play” modular attachments. All inking options use our patented G3 advanced cup design and double edged ceramic rings. Whether you are an experienced user or a novice, the G2-60/85 is the clear choice in the 60/85 mm Class pad printing machines. To all users we hope to convey that the unparalleled flexibility, versatility and ease of use together with solid product construction and technical support make this model a unique choice.