The G2-175 sets the standard for the industry for being a versatile, stand alone, large format pad printer and a dedicated component to an automated production line.

Featuring a larger open “C” frame, and more powerful drive train than the G2-150 model. The G2-175 is a production proven machine made to handle up to six colors and bigger graphics up to 25” in length on larger parts. Featuring an array of optional user-installable, “Plug-and-Play” part indexing systems; inking systems; and zero-adjustment pin registered plate systems. These optional attachments allow the G2-175 to handle single; multi color; and wide format printing applications and can be added at any time.

Many of the “Plug-and-Play” systems developed for the G2- 150 printer are compatible with the larger G2-175 printer and in keeping with the Printex G2 design philosophy, all G2-175 “Plug-and-Play” components are designed for rapid deployment or detachment. The G2-175 printer features a programmable controller with user-friendly touch screen interface, covering print mode selection; machine set up functions; and multiple job settings recall. A built in electro-pneumatic quick connect system and program interface enable this printer to easily interface with “Plug-and-Play” optional accessories and automated production lines as a dedicated print station.

The G2-175 print head assembly has a vertically adjustable starting point. This feature allows the operator to either increase or decrease the pad to plate vertical clearance to accommodate for varying pad heights. This feature reduces over print cycle time when small and short print pads are used.