The G2-150 sets the standard for the industry for being a versatile stand alone pad printer and a dedicated component to an automated production line.

Featuring a large and robust open “C” frame, the G2-150 is a production proven machine made to handle bigger graphics on larger parts. An array of optional user-installable, “Plug-and-Play” part indexing systems; inking systems; and zero-adjustment pin registered plate systems, allow the G2-150 to handle single; multi color; and wide format printing applications and can be added at any time.

Many of the “Plug-and-Play” systems developed for the G2- 150 printer are compatible with the larger G2-175 printer and in keeping with the Printex G2 design philosophy, all G2-150 “Plug-and-Play” components are designed for rapid deployment or detachment. The G2-150 printer features a programmable controller with user-friendly touch screen interface covering print mode selection; machine set up functions; and multiple job settings recall.

A built in electro-pneumatic quick connect system and program interface enable this printer to easily interface with “Plug-and-Play” optional accessories.