The G8-100/115 can be assembled for bench-top or floor-stand operation and can be configured with optional plug-and-play kits accommodating for 1-color, 2-color, or transverse printing.

The G2-100/115 machine is a capable single and two-color printer. The G2-100/115 will accept (either/or) 100 mm and 115 mm zero-adjust pin registered plate system and corresponding G3 ink cups with magnetic coupling. As with all G2 modular series pad printers, the G2-100/115 can be used as a stand-alone machine (manual load/unload), or it can be integrated with other components on an automated or multicolor system. Installation or removal of a G2- 100/115 two-color optional attachment can be accomplished in under five minutes.

The G2-100/115 printer features programmable controller with touch screen interface providing easy-to-use print mode selection, machine set up functions, production modes and stored job setting recall. A built-in electrical quick connect and software enables this printer to easily interface with fully-automated production lines.

The G2-100/115 accepts both 100mm and 115mm G3 ink cups and zero-adjust pin registered plate system for one- color applications. An optional two-color “plug-and-play” kit with dual cup drive mechanism, dual pad adaptors and an automatic two-position part shuttle can be easily installed to give this machine two-color printing capability in 85
mm image size.